Illusions and allusions represent cosmic keys unlocking ‘PG Workshop,’ the Autumn-Winter 22 collection from Per Götesson. Inside the doors of PG Workshop, a strident masculinity is freshly constructed from last season’s softer, more complex antecedent. It is where Per Götesson playfully dissects heavily masculine signatures to reshape them as attitudes assembled into clothes. By beheading the king, PG Workshop for Autumn-Winter 22 redesigns the swagger that wears you.

PG Workshop is an umbrella term that houses Per Götesson’s deconstructed masculine archetypes as cheeky notions of confidence. These experiments reimagined competitive instincts behind motorcycle racing and muscles as clothes to be confidently creative in. Leather from motorcycle racing suits gets taken apart then rearranged with denim and jersey for patchwork bombers this season. Muscles are playfully conveyed as contrasting graffiti designs on red leather ‘body parts.’ Convex silhouettes flex in aqua suede leather patchwork sleeves. Nylon linings are repurposed from additional racing suits for a black, collarless button-down jacket with contrasting pockets in green suede leather. These methods allude to a light-hearted way that communicates competitive masculinity.

Per Götesson uses leather for AW22 to offset confident masculinity with surrealism’s dreamy qualities. Leather bags become illusions as a shoulder ‘sleeve’ implies an arm, a pun on carrying items. A waist bag alludes to pockets. This specific version questions skewed perspectives on lower body shapes as optional straps can attach to the body.

Leather, fur and denim continue along Per Götesson’s playful story of swagger reimagined for AW22. Shearling by-products, sustainably sourced from the UK, top collars for hand-bleached denim jackets in various lengths. Wide indigo denim trousers from SS17 are finished with leather waistbands for a cheeky, streamlined effect inspired by aerodynamic race cars. This combination merges an iconographic Per Götesson trademark with historically competitive attitudes from the auto racing arena. Racing tape as a gathering tool appears on red and white cotton mesh shirting. This graphic detail actually fuses construction while draping appears to naturally wrap around the body. 

PG Workshop carries on with Per Götesson’s rendition of a distinctly masculine uniform. Those wardrobe classics—wide contrast coloured denim and the slash hoodie—are recognisably askew in Per Götesson’s universe. For AW22, the slash hoodie is created using 100% jersey repurposed hoodies. Its silhouette has two contrasting layers where a fitted tank sits around the torso while jersey fabric is draped around the arm and ruched softly down the back. Repurposed denim offcuts are reissued in the classic wide silhouette. New denim iterations offer clean construction—pockets hang outside, or side seamed with no visible waistbands. Details usually articulated onto denim are hidden within the lining.

Pieces from PG Workshop contain the magic alchemy of handwriting. These rewritten archetypes become sovereign articles as golden crowns, constructed by Husam El Odeh.

Credit Notes
Photography: Hendrik Schneider
Styling: Gary Armstrong
Model: Olly Schinder