Slashes Everything

‘Giving new life to the overlooked’ epitomises Per Götesson’s latest capsule release. Slashes Everything repurposes vintage t-shirts with the designer’s signature exposing cuts. Through uncovering the body, Götesson subverts traditional masculine traits, imbuing these previously discarded garments with fragility and sensuality. The clothes feature designs drawn from across pop culture, whilst their newfound slashes subvert the consumerism and hypermasculinity still embedded in our society. This capsule - hand-crafted in the London studio - furthers Per’s highly sustainable approach. Re-purposing worn tees, sourced across London, encapsulates the designer’s vision of a positive future between fashion and our environment.

Community is at the heart of Götesson’s work, and Slashes Everything celebrates the patchwork of London’s creative scene. The lookbook represents a cross-section of Per’s community collaborators - Loshh, a multi-genre musician, and Luca, a designer at CSM. Götesson channelled his peers and fans to create this capsule, transforming garments through his iconic design language and delivering them back to the community via his webstore. The tees’ unique designs and flowing slashes offer the fanbase new, iconic one-off pieces. By subverting traditional approaches to fashion, Götesson highlights the beauty in the everyday.

Slash hypermasculinity. Slash unsustainability. Slash everything.

Collection Info:

19 unisex vintage tops, sourced across London, hand-cut and re-sewn in the designer’s studio. Online webstore exclusives in a limited run.

Launch date: 9th December, at 2PM GMT on

Creative Direction - Per Götesson
Photography - Seif-Ali Umaar
Styling - Callum Baylis
Talent - Loshh, Luca Reuben
Photography Assistants - Nazareth Katō, Iysa Efayena-Clarke      
Studio Team - Oliver Philips, Donghan Li, Oleg Ratnikov, Euan Mcdonach, Andréas Kristof, Emil Sumouskij, Cheer Qier Zhu
Words - Alfie Cherry